Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noticing that our art center named after Monalisa's Painter, Leornardo Da Vinci. One of our lesson is to draw Monalisa's expression. The good thing is that all the body, hair and background already pre-drawn for them but the expression they have do draw themselves which is the hardest part, I must say.

I am talking about this Monalisa because I've given a task to demonstrate how to color Monalisa in a School Carnival. Initially, there's suppose to have a Monalisa template for me to draw the expression and show them how to color it, too bad I can't find the empty template so I have to draw everything myself! Tough job. I ain't Da Vinci. But I tried anyway and this is like 10% of it.

Looking at printed version of Monalisa makes me analyze the painting in my own way. Monalisa apparently have curly hair, very curly we normally called it 'Maggi' hair. Which I believe that 'Maggi' not yet exist in 15th century. She's also wearing veil, and I made conclusion that, Da Vinci asked her to wear it because her hair is hard to paint. Does it make sense? (Even I analyzing in funny way). It might be the reason he (Da Vinci) left this Monalisa painting lingered for 4 years (after started painting in 1503/1504) and finished it before he died. (OMG, my oval painting!! I must finish it before i died too.. (=.=') I'm kidding. Actually the veil was a fashion for young ladies during that time. Check out A closer look at the Monalisa for more info.

Anyway, speaking of the Monalisa lesson for the kids. For the past 3 years, I have countless Monalisa painted with kids. (With various expression, of course..) There were attempts to improvise the already-beauty Monalisa, such as.. (look at the picture below)

One of it was attempt on making Monalisa looks more eastern. Putting up accessories like hair-clip flower on her head and earring. However, there's a student (a boy) who's trying to make Manolisa looks more.... trendy..err too trendy perhaps. (below picture explain everything.)

As a teacher, I tried to explain that no such shades in 15th century, but kids have their own mind. Moreover, Monalisa looks so happy. So I said, okay... you can do as you wish... (but what's with the mole?????) Sigh...

Till then, daa...